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Root Canal Therapy at Collins Road Family Dental

Root Canal Therapy at Collins Road Family Dental

If you have a toothache, you may need a root canal. Root canals are performed when there is inflammation in the pulp which contains the nerve and blood supply of the tooth. During this procedure, the pulp is removed, the canals are disinfected, and an inert root filling is placed. After a root canal is performed, a crown is usually required to restore the tooth back to function.

Root canals are typically performed by a general dentist, but an endodontist may be required to treat the tooth depending on the difficulty of the case.

When you need a root canal, it is important to seek treatment immediately before the problem becomes worse.

Causes of Root Canal Problems

There are many reasons why a tooth may need a root canal such as a deep cavity next to or into the nerve, a crack, a dental infection, or trauma to the tooth.

Root canals help control pain because they save your natural tooth and prevent infection that could spread to nearby tissues.

Getting a root canal is not always the solution for painful teeth. If you have a toothache, the first step is to see your dentist for an examination and diagnosis of the cause of pain.

The following are signs that you may need a root canal:

  • Sensitivity to hot and cold,
  • Throbbing / spontaneous tooth pain,
  • Pain on biting,
  • A persistent dull ache at the bottom of the tooth,
  • Swelling near the tooth,
  • A discolored tooth,
  • The tooth does not feel a hot or cold stimulus on it.

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